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writer's block/wall

Over this very long vacation, which I really don't want to end, I managed to update several of my fics which have been alluding me.  I am stuck on the last one.  i know roughly what I have to do with the next chapter (It's Riviera for anyone who reads them - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4633157/1/What_Happens_in_the_Riviera_Stays_in_the_Riviera) but i just can't get it started.  I know I am just ranting at the moment since my co-writer is away at the moment and I am seriously stuck.  Grrr.

Young Love Never Dies - a new fic

New story from Elizabeth Bathory,

Category: Harry Potter
Title: Young Love Never Dies
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: Fiction Rated: M
Summary: co-authored with Matt Lawson - What do you do when you fall in
love with your best mate's cousin? Sirius Black never seemed the type
to fall in love, but when he and Domenica Knight, James Potter's
cousin, graduated from Hogwarts, a war brought them close

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4666718/1/

please leave reviews on ffn.net

Goodbye Fang

At 6pm, Fang lost her fight. On Saturday, she had a stroke which incapactiated her left side. We took her to the emergency vet where she spent Saturday night and sunday. They got her to eat with a syringe and drink and hop a little bit. Joel brought her home this morning and fed her a little but she seemed to have given up the fight. Both Joel and I were in the room with her when she died. We'll be burying her in the back yard tomorrow. We love Fang and miss her very much.

I need something here

Ok - I am not a blogger and I will start off with that.  I joined this so I could put some of my fanfic up (hint hint - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/114650/ ).  I have no idea what to say here since I also have a myspace and a facebook and don't blog anything unless something really gets me going.

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